Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wonder Toy

Tonight's car ride home from dinner reminded me of a product that's definitely worth mentioning to parents with infants and, since it's been a while since I've posted a review, I felt that it was time to talk about Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes!  It's been our great helper on many occasions, especially when you're stuck in between home and another destination where baby can't nurse and nap on time.  Every mom friend I have who owns one of these agrees that it's the toy that calms and entertains when nothing else will do the trick!

Its great features:
  • Classical melodies that won't drive you up the wall.
  • Flashing multicolored lights that mesmerize baby.
  • Cute caterpillar handle.
  • Volume controls that allow you to have audible music in both the happy peaceful times and the "Sorry-I-can't-nurse-you-in-the-moving-vehicle--Look-pretty-lights!!" times of distress.

  • The button, at least on ours, is a bit sticky, so you really have to mash it down to get the music to play.  I'm only assuming that the problem isn't product-wide, but it makes it difficult for Dinobaby to play the toy on his own.
  • The toy is made of hard plastic, which means that if baby is too small, they can knock themselves in the head hard enough to make themselves cry.  This con has lessened dramatically as Dinobaby's coordination continues to improve, but I would be extra vigilant with younger babies.
  • Generally, it's pretty ineffective once you're past the point of no return (". . . the final threshold!"), since it can easily overstimulate an already tired, overstimulated baby.  When we're at this point, we start praying the Rosary.  The repetition (and, obviously, the intercession) of Hail Marys is about the only thing that can calm the poor little Dino-babe once we're at that stage.
It's convenient to carry in the diaper bag and, for only 8 bucks, it's one of the best baby products that we own.  It's prevented many a meltdown and can buy you a few extra minutes of a cry-free trip home!

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