Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Beauty Products I Could Live Without, But Wouldn't Want To

Since the birth of the little one, it seems like my outlet for treating myself generally falls into two categories: gourmet chocolates or beauty products.  I'll save the chocolate for another post or two (or twelve, if it means I can "research" the subject a little more!), but today I'll give you a glimpse at my favorite beauty products.  

Here are some of my top beauty must-haves:
I stash these babies all over the place -- in the diaper bag, in a drawer in each bathroom, next to the couch.  If it weren't guaranteed to be liquefied after 5 minutes, I'm sure I'd keep one in my car too.  This happy little yellow tube contains Burt's Bees' original 100% natural lip balm infused with just the right amount of tingly peppermint oil.  I believe the peppermint oil has something to do with my addiction to this stuff -- it smells great and gives you a little lift, plus it's super handy if you're out of the house and far from a toothbrush after a meal.

I first tried bareMinerals a couple of years ago during my search for wedding makeup.  While it's a little time intensive for me if you go through each step/product they recommend, I love the look and feel of their makeup and when I do have the time to apply everything, it looks better than any other makeup I've tried.  'Warmth' is a cinnamon colored bronzing powder that swirls on just enough color to your cheekbones and forehead to give you a healthy glow.  It's what I turn to when I need to remedy the death-warmed-over look and before running out the door with no time for other makeup.

Designed for hair that "acts bored," this shampoo has become a weekly favorite of mine.  During my college days, I was spoiled by soft Pacific Northwest water that left my hair shiny and light.  Fast forward to the present and Houston's hard water has done a number on my once-shiny hair.  Thankfully, No Deposit® once a week or so gets rid of the dull, heavy feeling that I've experienced since coming back to Texas and puts some lightness and bounce back into my hair.    

  • Buxom Buxom Lips in Dolly
    • Created by the same people who began Bare Escentuals, Buxom is an off-shoot that produces some of the best lip gloss I've found.  The packaging is slightly scandalous (cartoon women in fishnets and undies) so I'll leave out a photo, but the product itself is a winner.  With a sheer but lasting amount of color and a delectable coffee/peppermint scent, Buxom Lips is creamy without being sticky.

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