Thursday, September 9, 2010

Let's Face It...

I've been hit with a few "let's face it" moments this week (and I'm sure they'll keep comin').  Hopefully I can look at them as points to improve upon, or else say that they aren't really my fault!

Here are some of my favorites so far:

1.  My Hair
Let's face it, my hair will never be wavy or hold any sort of curl. I have straight hair that will likely continue to be straight forever.  My hair does not scrunch, so please, self, stop buying hair products that promise you "beachy waves".  What you end up with is "a rat just made a nest in my hair."  No kind of mega-ultra hold mousse will fix this for me, so I need to just enjoy the fact that I can sleep on wet hair and wake up with it looking nice!

2. My Cooking
Let's face it, my cooking will never hold a candle to anything that my husband's mom or grandmothers ever made.  Arroz con leche, enfrijoladas, juevos a la mexicana...  I suppose I had delusions of grandeur when I thought that maybe I could make something that would be different (but better) than my husband's homecooking.  Umm, yeah. . . no.  While some would say that I need to just give up while I'm ahead, I think I'll keep trying knowing that whatever recipe I find will likely yield good (hopefully really good) but different results.  At least then I can ruin the chances for Dinobaby's future wife if he doesn't enter the priesthood!  Just kidding.

3. My Clothing 
Let's face it, it's been almost a year since Dinobaby was born and I still don't have clothes that actually fit me well.  At ten months postpartum, people probably expect me to start looking like a normal person again and not a new mom in that awkward in between stage of maternity and non-baby-related clothing.  At this point, I've safety pinned the waistbands of all but one pair of pants and most of my old tops are so tight now that it'd be a tad scandalous to wear them.  Strangely, it's the inverse problem of my pre-pregnancy days when all of my shirts were XS and I needed pants large enough for my big 'ol hips.  Well, okay, I still have big 'ol hips (and thank God for that during labor), but at least things are a bit more symmetrical now. 

Anyone else have a good "let's face it . . ." moment this week?

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  1. Lets face it.
    I will never fit in those jeans I wore before and just after my wedding. I will never be a size 8 again so I should probably give them away. But I just keep holding on in the hopes that once day I'll go back in time and fit in them.